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Make Money Watching Videos: Go Beyond Swagbucks [21 Apps Reviewed]

Happen to binge-watch 24/7? There are ways to turn your “watching video” habit into a side hustle. Let’s be honest, if you are here you’ve probably already heard of Swagbucks, and how the user X earns $100 (or more) a day with it.  In short, you are here to read about ways to make money watching videos, right?

But is this the only way to profit from your favorite watch time?


We’ll dive deep into 9 money-making apps and websites that pay visitors and users to watch video ads, movie trailers, TV shows, game streams, and videos they like.

Some of them, like InboxDollars and Swagbucks, let you earn redeemable points to exchange for gift cards, or receive cash on your PayPal account; others like Nielsen Panel or TWO-TV offer PayPal cash and cryptocurrency. The truth is they are sites like Swagbucks and work the same way.

From mere cents to hefty bucks, choosing the right method you could make money from your coach. We’ve put apps and websites to make money watching videos head-to-head to see how they compare.

Just a side note, you probably are not going to get rich or make a living from watching videos alone, but at least these apps allow you to monetize your downtime.

What Are The Apps To Make Money Watching Videos?

For the record: Unlike the other websites listing all possible apps to get paid to watch videos and let you take the pick at your own risk, we check every single site ourselves when putting this list. As of today, multiple services are found to be either discontinued or discredited by their users. Some of them are listed below.

  • SendEarnings will be closed beginning July 2, 2020, as the website states.
  • CashCrate is no longer a place to make money watching videos and completing the surveys. Since April 2019 they have changed the reward program focus to cataloging other websites and apps that appear to be legit.
  • HitBliss, an online service that consisted of two apps HitBliss Earn and HitBliss Store, is now defunct according to Wikipedia, and accessibility data.
  • AppTrailers (the site) currently “is parked for Free” and is “awaiting renewal or deletion” because of the expired domain. The app is also not letting anyone log in or redeem their points for months. But perhaps this user comment explains why.
  • Perk tv has been shut down for quite a while. We wonder, why so many 2020 reviews still listing it among ways to earn money watching videos or doing tasks?
Perk tv is shutting down

Despite being well-rated before, many well-known websites and apps that claim to pay users for watching videos were found to have little trust among their current users. 

  • iRazoo (Trustpilot score 2.1/ 5)
  • Viggle app (Google Play rates 3.4/ 5, Sitejabber 1.3/ 5)

A couple of other reward apps and websites are not included because of the limited number of user reviews on Trustpilot, Sitejabber, and similar websites. 

  • TV-TWO (2 reviews)
  • QuickRewards (1 review)
  • Slidejoy (1 review)
  • Paid2YouTube (0 reviews)
  • SuccessBux (0 reviews)
  • ZoomBucks (8 reviews)
  • EarnCrypto (17 reviews)

Get Paid To Watch Videos And Video Ads

7. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the popular apps to make money watching videos

One of the most trusted GPT (get-paid-to) websites, Swagbucks is not new to video tasks. From world news to sports highlights, there are plenty of videos to match the needs of a viewer. Besides Swagbucks Watch (for videos), millions of people use Swagbucks to cash on answering paid surveys, play games, surf the web, and receive daily bonuses for earning enough SBs (Swagbucks).

SBs are then redeemed for gift cards from Amazon, Target, Starbucks, and 1500+ major retailers and e-commerce stores, or PayPal cash.

However, with 18 million monthly users, Swagbucks seems to be a bit down these days.

Swagbucks Pros

  • Tasks variety (videos, games, surveys, apps)
  • Free to join PLUS $10 as a signup bonus (cool, right?)
  • Plenty of videos on Swagbucks Watch (games, comedy clips, etc.)
  • Redeemable SB (for gift cards and PayPal cash)
  • iOS and Android-compatible app
  • Up to 20% (on average 5-8%) cashback shopping online through Swagbucks
  • Passive income without changing your spending, browsing, or watching habits
  • Swag Button in your browser to snatch the best tasks each day 

Swagbucks Cons

  • Takes time to gain enough SB to convert into cash. You won’t load up your bank account overnight.
  • Geographically limited to the U.S., its territories, UK, India, Germany, Australia, Canada, and Ireland.
  • Might push up unnecessary spendings with in-game purchases, for example.
  • Lengthy redemption (on average 10-14 days).
  • Swagbucks search engine uses Bingo not Google results.
  • The need to qualify. Not every task can be completed – for some, you simply won’t get access.

Pro Tip: Set Swagbucks to automatic: play videos in the background, search, and shop through it to add up SB quickly. Roughly 1 SB is $0.01.

Read if Swagbucks worth your time here.

Get Paid to Watch Movies and TV Shows

6. Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel

Nielsen Panels pay for making consumer choices

If you live in the U.S. or Canada you probably know what Neilsen and its panels are.

In case you don’t, Nielsen Holdings Pic, American information, data, and measurement firm, has two goals to meet: serve media with “unbiased, reliable data about what people watch and listen to”, and “provide a truly complete picture of the complex and changing marketplace” for businesses. 

Thus, the two well-known panels, Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel and Nielsen National Consumer Panel that we will be talking about, are paying you for watching videos, movies, and surfing the internet.

How can you earn with Nielsen Panels?

Joining Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel you could earn with Nielsen Digital Voice app simply browsing the web, reading blogs, watching movies, checking sports stats, and streaming music. “As an active member, you can win up to $1,000 each month”, as Nielsen says. 

Every month they give away $10 000 in Monthly Sweepstakes split between 400 winners. 

Becoming a member of the Nielsen family, you earn by watching anything online. Not much though, just $50 a year. Still, these $50 as an addition to monthly sweepstakes for sharing your browser data is not a bad idea at all. But there is no application. Nielson families are selected at the company’s own discretion.

Your watching and listening choices allow Nielsen to make TV rankings.

Pro Tip: Keep your eye on the email inbox during February, May, July, and November, when Nielsen invites more families to take part in the Nielsen TV rankings program.

Nielsen Pros

  • Nielsen Panels are one of the most trusted ways to earn money by watching videos, reading news online, or even posting on social media.
  • The moral values of NCP (National Consumer Panel). You help manufacturers and service providers tailor the goods the way everyone wants.
  • Once you are approved as a Panelist, you get points turned into micro earnings by taking part in surveys, focus groups, watching TV and videos, surfing the web, etc.
  • Nielsen app allows members to scan grocery shoppings and gain points for it.

Nielsen Cons

  • The size of a monthly sweepstakes reward is low (just $25/person if spread equally).
  • Neilson families cannot apply. The choosing process is random.
  • Being selected as a Nielsen family you cannot breathe a word about participation to anyone, except your household.
  • Nielsen Panels are available in the U.S.,Canada, and a limited number of other countries.

5. Netflix

Netflix taggers are paid to watch Netflix videos

Clearly, available in 190 countries Netflix needs no introduction. If you happen to live in the U.S., UK, Australia, Finland, or Germany where Netflix is a household name, switching on your favorite channels has become a part of a day. And it’s been you, paying for Netflix subscription, and not the other way round.

How do you earn with Netflix?

Become a Netflix tagger to make money watching movies and shows. Officially known as “editorial analysts”, and unofficially as Netflix taggers, those vacancies are filled up pretty quickly. The only thing you do except for watching is tagging the content you watch with specific keywords to let viewers easily find what they are after. 

A Netflix tagger provides important metadata like film genre, cast, directors, release dates, which then grouped by the system algorithms and suggested to viewers. “You will be tagging, rating, researching, and enhancing title-level metadata for the Netflix Originals catalog in a high-volume, high-quality, deadline-driven environment”, as the job posting for Netflix tagger reads. Quality data is one of the reasons Netflix is booming in subscriptions and revenue. 

Netflix Tagger Pros

  • Work-from-home conditions (ideal for couch potatoes).
  • 20+ hours of Netflix watch time.
  • Hefty pay. Although not disclosed by Netflix itself, Paysa records $69 906 as a yearly salary for Netflix taggers and writers.
  • It can be combined with other routine tasks and activities like crochet or surfing the internet.

Netflix Tagger Cons

  • Weekdays blend into the weekends (because of daily binge-watching).
  • Cut-throat competition (sometimes 1000+ candidates per a single position).
  • 20+ hours a week watching Netflix (though a benefit to some)
  • Watch content is assigned and not chosen.
  • Few job openings for a Netflix tagger position. 
  • High standards for candidates. Masters in Critical Film Studies is preferred.
  • Positions can be temporary.

Get the first-hand job description from Sherie Gulmahamad, a Netflix tagger on how she got her dream job and is paid to watch TV.

Get Paid to Watch Game Streams

4. Theta tv pays for watching game streames

A little bit unexpected, right? Who would pay you to watch your favorite streamer go live? Theta tv. Theta, a child company of (E-sports entertainment platform), is a decentralized video sharing network based on blockchain technology. So, it pays both streamers and viewers.

But not the conventional gift cards/PayPal cash way; Theta tv adopted a real-world cryptocurrency of Theta protocol, Theta Fuel, or TFuel as their currency to pay both streamers (yes, you can if you are a game pro!) and viewers like you who want to watch the streams from certain creators. 

Here is how Theta tv explains how you earn TFuel: “As you watch the stream/s, THETA will use your excess upload bandwidth to share the stream with other viewers. Look for streams with an orange TFuel icon in the top right – these are the ones you can earn TFuel on.” 

Personally, we found Theta TV much alike to another popular live streaming platform for gamers – Twitch. Just with the chance to earn cryptocurrency as a viewer. Here is more about TFuel. Pros

  • Viewers also earn. As of 2020, 491 Theta credit = $1. 
  • Theta tv seems to be available internationally with simple Facebook Connect.
  • TFuel is the second token of the Theta Network. 
  • You can use TFuel to support their favorite streamers, and shop merch on Theta tv.
  • Theta tv app is available on both Google Play and App store (as Cons

  • TFuel cannot be taken out of Theta TV. You can store it there on Theta, donate to your favorite streamer, or shop merchandise, gaming gear, or stream keys.
  • Not always your Theta credits can be redeemed for a product in Theta shop; sometimes the item is unavailable for certain geographic locations.
  • There is limited info on how fast you earn TFuel watching streams.
  • If gaming is not your cup of tea, Theta tv is not a place for you.

If you are interested in streaming on Theta tv, these are the requirements and streamer’s path.

Also, be sure to check these Free Mobile Apps To Make Money Fast [2020 Update]. Some of them may sound familiar, but others can be new.

3. MyPoints

MyPoints is one of the best apps to make money watching videos

One of America’s most loved cash reward apps for everything from watching ads for money to searching the web to online shopping. It has been one of the top rated paid task apps on both Trustpilot (4.4/ 5) and Sitejabber (4.5/ 5) generating 6 000+ reviews in total.

Being around long enough (since 1996), in 2016 MyPoints was acquired by Prodege, California-based online marketing company that owns Swagbucks, ShopAtHome, and similar apps. Most known and loved for its shopping rewards, MyPoints lets you get up to 40% cashback on your Amazon, Target, or other deals. But like any platform it has both pros and cons.

MyPoints Pros

  • Partners with 2000+ retailers, restaurants, learning platforms, etc. (from Amazon and Walmart to Nike, Home Depot, ProFlowers, and Udemy).
  • As a referral, you earn additional 10% of your friends’ points + 25 points for every friend who accepted your invitation.
  • On average, for every video you watch you get 1 point. Coupons and surveys generally pay better: each printed coupon equates to 10 points and completed surveys up to 50 points. MyPoints is trusted by more than $9 million registered users.
  • $10 in Amazon or Visa gift cards just for signing up with MyPoints (worth 1 750 points).
  • The points converted to travel miles, could be transferred to your United MileagePlus account. 3200 points = 1000 miles.

MyPoints Cons

  • For those who live outside the U.S. and Canada, tasks may not be available even if you sign up. 
  • Searching the internet you also earn but MyPoints search engine is Yahoo, while many used to Google.
  • Even though the point system is generous the redeem is not so: $1 = 480 points.
  • PayPal redemption threshold is $25 or 3970 points. Though for a gift card the minimum balance is $1 or 250 points.

As a side note: Despite being down for more than a week as of May 2020, MyPoints is not going away any time soon, and their Twitter account shows recent activity. 

You can find more pros and cons of signing up with MyPoint here.


TV TWO pays for watching video ads with crypto

Theta tv’s rival (at least in Google Play), TV-TWO is another blockchain-build app that rewards viewers with Ethereum token called TTV for watching favorite videos and ads. Once the 50 000 app credits are reached you can Request Payout to your Ethereum wallet. Every 1000 credits equal 1 TTV (to date, 10 000 TTV=1 Ethereum).

The video app provides free entertainment across different movie genres alongside YouTube videos. There are 2 000 000 creators on TV -TWO that create original content. TV-TWO likes to itself “renewable TV for crypto”.

Note: make sure your Ethereum wallet is compatible with TTV.


  • TV-TWO pays for watching TV and videos (because many similar apps don’t even if they say). Recent user comments prove the transactions.
  • You can connect TV-TWO with your home TV simply scanning QR code.
  • Unlike the other apps and services, on TV-TWO you can watch (and earn!) unlimited since there is no daily cap.
  • TV-TWO pay is one of the most generous ones. You earn up to 500 points per video, and up to 50 000 points for other microtasks offered to boost earnings.
  • They partner with reputed companies like 20th century fox, NEXO,, Guarda Wallet, CoinStats, and Libertx.
  • Payout transcription typically is made within 72 hours.


  • TTV is not the best-ranking crypto ( #1203 for Coin Market Cap ranking).
  • The app is for those who know what cryptocurrency is. Otherwise each time you want to redeem TTV to ETH or BTC, or make a transfer, you risk losing the value of kept TTV tokens because of the conversion.  

Check out this post on TV-TWO written by a crypto minded guy:) 

1. InboxDollars 

InboxDollars is best app to make money watching videos

One of the best Swagbucks alternatives, InboxDollars claims to have paid over $59 million in cash to their members over the years. The app has a high trust score on Trustpilot and was featured in Forbes as “an easy way to earn without having to leave your house”, and Inc. 5000, Mashable and Bustle, and other reputable publications.

But in contrast to other paid task apps, InboxDollars pays you real-world cash. In other words, no points are used, and thus, no redeem or calculations. You always see the money you earned from watching 1 video or 20 of them. 

InboxDollars Pros

  • Member signup bonus of $5.00 right after account activation.
  • Multiple ways to earn cash. Besides playing games, answering surveys, and watching videos, InboxDollars pays for reading emails, printing coupons, and signing up for products or services.
  • An easy way to gain a few bucks while doing your typical day tasks. Filling out a survey or playing video is a low-effort activity, right?
  • Typically 24-30 videos in 6 categories are available to watch each day; that’s roughly 180 videos/day).
  • Payments can be requested via gift cards, PayPal, or cash.
  • Takes little time to watch one video. A typical length of a video is 2 minutes.
  • InboxDollars Gold Membership is automatic (after you earned and cashed out $30+) and has faster payment processing time (3-9 days instead of 10-16 days), and exclusive monthly offers.
  • Check payments mailed directly to your home address.

InboxDollars Cons

  • Sometimes hard to qualify for a task (surveys in particular)
  • InboxDollars won’t get you rich, or bring a full-time income. Reportedly getting more than $40 a week is hard. Watching videos you get virtual scratchcards of $0.05-$0.25 value.
  • Have country and age limitations: only U.S. residents aged 18 and older can join InboxDollars.
  • Inactivity penalties. InboxDollars members have to complete a task at least once every 10 days. If not, the account is temporarily inactivated. You can reinstate by sending a request within 180 days of its inactivation and keep all the earnings once it is reactivated. In the case of no request from you, the app deactivates all your earnings and account.
  • Withdrawal request is issued for earnings exceeding $30. 
  • $3 transaction fee for receiving payments. (or a PayPal processing fee)

Read an in-depth review of InboxDollars

It’s All About The Data

You’ve got your money for X hours spent watching videos, but curious why task providers like MyPoints or Theta TV  would pay anyone for watching a 2-minute ad or a favorite stream? 

That’s all about the data. And here’s how.

The general reasons why websites pay you to watch all sorts of videos are:

  • Your opinion and video choices are sold to major data collection centers. Besides mining audience data from the web, big data labs are ready to fork out to get relevant data from third parties. Typically, gathering enough data and clearing it, they will later resell it to bigger organizations and marketing corporations.
  • Website owners or app developers have partnered with businesses and are getting paid each time a user watches or clicks the ad. Not hard to guess, X-part of this commission goes to you for completing the so-called task; be it watching the ad or playing the game.
  • Your feedback is used by the task providers themselves to ensure their content appeals to the audience and to predict future media trends and viewers’ preferences. Media and TV companies like Netflix use the data they get to improve their videos match algorithm and train AI, which helps them maximize their profits and eliminate unnecessary expenses. 

Anyway, if you don’t mind being analyzed and watched, while you are watching a video of choice, Swagbucks, Neilsen Digital Voice, Viggle, and other apps are your way to make money off your daily habit. From the comfort of your couch, or on the go, making money watching videos has never been easier, right?

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