Ways to make $1000 a week

How To Make $1000 a Week: From Strategy To Action In 5 Minutes [Infographic]

With the new fashions of making money, working 9-5 on a traditional base is quickly going out of style You might be wondering how you can make $1000 per week since we surely desire to make more money.

If this is the question you are wondering about and you might not care how you pull it off. Then let us tell you a few ways to make $1000 per week

There are two ways to make money. 

One way is where you grind and exchange your time, effort, or whatever else for monetary compensation. 

The other way is when you exchange your time and effort for the assumed future reward. 

In terminology, they are called active and passive income. There is nothing wrong with choosing one over the other. Because in an active sense you are actively trading your time for momentary compensation. 

4 Ways How to Make $1000 a Week

ways to make $1000 a week infographic

While in the passive way of making money, you are doing 99% of the work ahead of time so that later you can receive the rewards. However, the results are never guaranteed. So, unless it is something that you are extremely passionate about, you won’t last long. 

Making $1000 at first might seem an arduous task to accomplish only until you can differentiate working hard versus working smart. These days working smart is so important that those who do, usually end up ahead of those hard-workers. 

Note that working smart does not mean avoiding toil or clinging to easier strategies. If we were to explain it thoroughly it could take a long time, but to put it simply. You are just playing to your advantage.

Let us go ahead and discuss some of the active ways that help you make $1000 per week.

Retail Arbitrage 

Facebook Marketplace lists items sold locally

This one has been around since the dawn of mankind. It is so old that we simply could not skip it. A form of buying and selling existed no matter which part of the world you are or the culture and tradition you belong to and still does. Also, it works well globally.

In the age of the internet, however, buying and selling have never been easier. There are so many creative ways to do this, from buying used items and selling them on Craigslist, to seeking for discounts or raiding flea markets, then selling them with a bit markup on the local online marketplace.

Craigslist may not be in your town or country but another site that does similar functions should. 

Some of the alternatives for Craigslist may include sites like: 

  • Quaka.de for Germany
  • Olx.com, or its alternatives for Balkans 
  • Mercadolibre.com for Latin America 
  • Souq.com for Middle East

eBay or Facebook Marketplace?

eBay seems to be popular among Western European Counties which is why those countries are not listed. Although eBay, Amazon, and many other US, based online marketplaces seem to be fairly popular around the world, there are locations where they prefer their local site as such the list was composed. 

Note we are not talking about setting up your site and buying a domain and stuff like that. We might cover it at some point but in this very section, we are talking about the simple buying and selling strategy. 

All you need is sales skills. It is not hard to develop the skills too; it just takes a bit of theory and a lot of practice. 

So, the idea is you go around looking for people who need instant cash, those who are willing to let go of some of the extra things to them. 

Local Ad Websites

After convincing them to sell, what you have to do is to put an ad on the local ad sites like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace or the local equivalent. 

Of course, if you want to make a meaningful sum, you will need to mark up fairly and be aware of the price range. You don’t want people looking at your ad and leaving because it is out of their budget but you also do not want to lie about the price. 

So, pricing it correctly matters a lot. 

If you do not know how to price it right you just have to look through the ads section to your item and compare it to others and compare the price, features, conditions and benefits, and even the drawbacks. 

You can use this strategy on Amazon or eBay as well. However, they require quite a bit of work and a lot of time to research, plus they both are overcrowded these days. 

You can skim this article if you are interested in finding out more about eBay vs. Amazon

Why is the local ad a good idea? Because people are always looking for something and popular local ad sites are the first ones to be visited to check and learn about the product. 

If you do a good job writing an appealing ad and with the correct price range you should be able to attract a dozen calls a day.

Virtual Assistant Jobs

A virtual assistant working from home knows how to make $1000 a week

This other thing you can do is helping those thriving entrepreneurs or businessmen on their journeys to become more successful. Being a virtual assistant is fundamentally the same thing as being an assistant in real life except you communicate only online.

According to Payscale, virtual assistants get about $16 per hour.  

Some of the top companies to work for as a virtual assistant apart from the usual entrepreneurs and businessmen you can find on freelancing websites:

  • Prialto
  • MyOutDesk
  • Hello Rache
  • 24/7 Virtual Assistant
  • Virtalent
  • Virtual Assistant Talent
  • Elite VA

You get to decide what tasks you do which is the most satisfying part of being an assistant online. It is much more fun and less depressing than bringing coffee to your boss every morning.

A Few Things To Remember

The tasks you decide to take on should be properly completed. Thus, knowing your advantages and your skills comes a long way in helping you be a better virtual assistant.

Another good part about this hustle is that you get to determine your hours too. Surely, you will have a deadline to accomplish your tasks, but how you allocate your time depends on you. 

So it is a good side hustle, the one that you can even make a full-time job later. It pays well. in fact, you could get more than $1000 per week doing this work. 

There are multiple things that entrepreneurs need help with: things like, managing their social media, or designs of certain videos or posters/banners, doing research into a certain market or field. 

In fact, if you happen to be a good researcher, you could make money solely off doing the research.  We will talk a bit more about it later.

They could ask for anything and everything they need help with. All you have to do is to make sure to do it properly and to the standard that the person paying you requires. 

If in the retail arbitrage, the flipping things business, you would have to go out and be vigilant. Being a virtual assistant does not even require you to move, only if it is to go to the bathroom or to get some food. 😉

Mobile Apps/Paid Surveys 

A woman answering a paid survey hopes to make $1000 a week

These days there are many mobile apps you can use to make a little extra cash. Of course, this is not going to probably make you the $1000 per week. But if you combine this with something else that could be a good side hustle to your side hustle. 

Swagbucks is a good example to do some surveys and exchange for both gift cards and PayPal cash. There is the Inbox Dollars site where you literally get paid to search online. 

There are multiple other tasks and apps you can do to earn money. 

If you are interested to learn how to earn money watching videos, give this article a read.

Since we all now know that Facebook and Google sell data. It would not be a bad idea for you to do so yourself. You can share your purchase information with the Harris Poll and get paid for it. 

We all shop online nowadays, and not only that we do not collect that data to do something with it later, we just do see any use for it. 

Instead, those big huge companies are collecting that data] and making billions. So, selling it not only makes sense but also gives you some sort of control over your purchasing data, browsing data. Not the kind of control where you decide what to do, but the kind when you decide when it gets sold.  

You can register and join one website like that here.

An App in Town: Acorns

You can use Acorns to invest small amounts of money once you earned. The good thing about using Acorns is not only the investment part but also they are partnered with over 300 companies that offer rebates or cash rewards when you shop on their website. 

The reward is applied directly back to your investment account. It is like spending and earning at the same time with the same amount of money except you also get to acquire a product of your choice. It couldn’t get any better than that.

Learn more about Acorns review 2020.

Now that we are talking a lot about shopping or apps that facilitate it, we could not have passed without mentioning honey. This is not an app. It is an extension on your browser. What it does is search the entire net for any product discounts and make it visible to you before you make a purchase. 

It is a free extension and installable with just two clicks. There is absolutely no reason to not use it whether you want to make more money or not.

Babysitting/Pet Sitting 

How to make $1000 a week - walk the dog

This gig is for everyone who needs just a bit of extra cash. You could babysit if you love kids, or if you don’t, you can pet sit then. 

It is complicated when it comes to knowing how to do this. It is simple and does not require any special talents or skills to do this. 

Babysitters get on average $15,71 an hour according to money.com meanwhile, pet sitters earn about the same on a national average rate.

The best thing about sitting anyone is that you can combine it with the above gigs such as answering a few surveys or doing some tasks, especially when babysitting. 

In fact, you could make that money with the baby in your laps and going through the surveys together to make it a bit more fun and less boring for the baby. Since both types of sitting do not require any more description let us move on to the next thing.

Freelance Gigs

Freelancer working on the writing gig to make a $1000 dolllars a week

Freelancing is a huge thing these days and could mean a lot of things, from teaching online to working as a part-time designer to handing out your technical skills. 

Among all the things it can mean, there is but one thing that you can do which is quite different for example, helping freelancers find work. Thus, being the middleman among your other freelance colleagues. 

Despite the world’s economy turning virtual every second, finding good gigs for freelancers are harder than ever before. That obviously has to do with their level of expertise and qualification. However, if you are a people person or someone good at marketing you could be good at this.

So, you have to look for a freelancer that is professional at one thing or the other. And look for those gigs and ask them to do the task and deliver it to the сlient.

You should not look at it as if you are an agent to them just like in many other fields. For the most part, there are two types of freelancers.

One who is busy and swamped in tasks.

The other has just started and is on every platform looking for one.

Want to make most of your freelancing without leaving a day job? Check out these Easy Part Time Jobs to Make Extra Cash. You will how to choose lucrative side projects you are naturally good at.

How to Start Freelancing?

You can help those busy ones by freeing them of the worry of scheduling their time, checking emails, answering calls, and all other menial tasks that take time. Instead, they can just focus on what they do best while you provide them with the rest. 

With the other, beginner freelancers, you can help when you have more tasks than a professional can handle. So, you outsource the less serious tasks to skilled enough yet new to freelancing people, and more important tasks to well-established freelancers.

The best part about this for you is, you do not have to do anything yourself. You just have to be a good communicator and be able to handle disagreements and find a compromise. 

The next step you can take as a freelance agent is when you have become so good at it, and have a list of constant contacts. You can become a freelance manager to your team of professionals. 

Managing any artist means that you book them gigs and are helping with finances and getting contacts. Expert freelancers do need someone to help them with daily tasks. 

The good thing about it is that you can manage a few freelancers at the same time. However, this will not be easy as you would have to spend a lot of time on negotiation and finding deals. It becomes easy if you are an expert yourself on that part. 

Cutting Down Expenses 

Woman calculating her monthly expenses

There are a million other things you could do that we did not write here, stuff like: you could be a mystery shopper or make an online store, sell on amazon, write a blog, write a book, teach courses, languages, or even deliver pizzas, or drive with the ride-sharing apps like Uber or Lyft, clean houses, mown the lawns. Although there are endless possibilities to make a side income, if you do not cut down on your expenses, none of them will make $1000 per week or more.

But we all know that it takes time and effort. It does not matter what kind of gigs you choose to go after. One thing is for sure that you have to spend time and resources to be able to make a solid $1000 per week.

How Do you Go about Cutting Expenses?

The same way as you would go about earning more. First of all, you need to change your mindset; you should not look at the saving as if they are being saved but more like you are earning them by not spending.

For example, if you are the type of person who buys the coffee in the morning, try brewing it at home and take it with you.  It is even better if you also cook at home and bring your lunch to work.

Now, these two actions alone will save hundreds of dollars per week. To take it to the next level, however, you will have to brainstorm other ways to cut your expenses. Revisit how much you spend on entertainment, or some snacks, or both at the same time.  Cutting these alone should give you a few hundred dollars each week. 

Cutting on entertainment expenses does not mean cutting out entertainment. It only means coming up with a better and cheaper version of it. For example, if you go to the movie theatre to watch a movie, why not watch it at home?

After all the savings from the expense cut, if you are still not making a $1000 per week then you can combine this with one or two of the activities listed above to make sure you hit that number every single week.

When All Is Said And Done

Making an extra $1000 per week is easy as we have suggested. All it requires is you being a bit more vigilant and hustle out, while simultaneously saving some of that income. 

It has become harder to save than to earn in today’s consumeristic world. People do not just want to compromise on your purchase in a lot of cases. But you can, or need to. If you are willing to make $1000 extra a week. 

Enough reading and conceptualizing, now go ahead conjure up your plan for the upcoming week on how you are going to have $1000 before the end of it.

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