How to make $100 a day

How to Make $100 Dollars a Day [We Asked 11 Entrepreneurs]

If you want to make real money and not pocket change, forget about the “fast” ways of making money. Another word you should be cautious of is “easy”. $3 000 dollars a month, and $36 000 dollars a year (your $100/day) is a solid part-time income that has to be earned. 

No, we are not undermining your passion or skills. 

You absolutely can make $100 dollars a day, and you will. But to get to your goal you need expert advice from the top 13 entrepreneurs who earned a side income from day one. Success stories from kids and teens to grownups making $100 dollars and up. Take inspiration and set to go!

Let’s count! 

11. Bake and Sell Cookies Like Cory Nieves

How to make $100 a day - homemade cookies sold on Etsy
  • The average price for homemade cookies on Etsy and Amazon is around $12.00 per batch (with $8.00 being the cheapest, and $59.00 the most expensive). The usual batch is a dozen cookies. 
  • Best places to sell homemade cookies: Etsy shop, local bakeries or coffee shops (on a wholesale basis), and your own website. 

Did he think of making $100 dollars a day, this six-year-old Englewood boy known as Mr. Cory? 

No. He wanted the car for his Mom and himself. 

His idea of selling cookies wasn’t even the first business this smart kid has started. He sold hot chocolate Swiss Miss for $1 a cup before the recipe of perfect cookies was born. Cory and his Mom, Lisa Nieves spent months learning to bake, experimenting with hundreds of cookie recipes. 

Since the launch of chocolate chip cookies, Mr. Cory‘s Cookies expanded the line of all-natural flavors with Double Dark, Oatmeal Raisin, Sugar, and 11 other flavors;  and assures there’s more to come.

His first places to sell weren’t a website or a first-class coffee shop, but local sporting events and festivals, barbershops, and car dealerships. And it proved to be a good strategy.

Why could this kidpreneur, who had no money to buy a car, turn his home cookie business into a six-figure revenue? His love of treats and dedication hold the answer. Baking and selling your cookies is not about “how to make $100 dollars a day?” or $1000 dollars a week – it’s about living everyday life (with a car or without), and not giving up on your dream. 

Bigger than $100 dollars a day, right?

Pro tip from expert bakers is to offer unique treats for certain groups of people like those with gluten allergies or vegans alongside traditional chocolate chip cookies. 

10. Become a Virtual Assistant Like Katrina Waardenburg

Virtual assistant working remotely is making $100 a day
  • Virtual assistants, or VA, make an average of $16.46 per hour (Indeed, May 2020)
  • To find remote virtual assistant jobs check out People Per Hour, Upwork, Freelancer, FlexJobs, Indeed, Craiglist,
  • Earning potential ranges from $258 dollars a day up to $10 875 a month.

For some, a virtual assistant job is a way to be able to work flexible hours, for others it’s a chance to try entrepreneurial skills. But for both, virtual assistant pay is a side income.

Though you don’t necessarily need a degree or advanced technical skills, a practical knowledge of Office 365, proper grammar and good work ethic are must when applying for a VA position. 

Landing your first client may seem easy but it takes time anyway.

Katrina Waardenburg, virtual assistant on Upwork.

Starting with no prior VA experience, she managed to land regular clients and build the relationships needed to move off Upwork and work independently.

A former preschool teacher and small Etsy shop owner, Katrina works as a full-time virtual assistant charging $24 dollars per hour. She is a person who sees her virtual assistant job as a way to stay home with her daughter and be her own boss.  

If you are wondering what a virtual assistant does here are some tasks that 99% of employers expect you to do as their VA.

  • Manage emails and/or customer service
  • Schedule appointments and travel arrangements
  • Update contacts or CRM 
  • Create and manage various forms and documents (PDF, Docs and Word, Excel and Spreadsheets, PowerPoint and Google Slides, etc.)
  • Manage social media accounts and blogs

There are more tasks. Generally, any remote employee can be counted as a virtual assistant. But many VAs (especially new) are only hired for routine tasks like the ones listed above.

Ready to get a virtual assistant job? 

9. Deliver the Goods Like Jack Bonneau

Shipping and delivery is how to make $100 a day
  • The average hourly pay of a shipping clerk is $15 per hour. (ZipRecruiter, May 2020)
  • Top companies to work for are The Home Depot (3.8), Best But (3.9), Amazon (3.6), Macy’s (3.7), UPS (3.8), PepsiCo (3.8) (Indeed employee reviews)
  • Earning potential from $116.20 per day to $3 417 per month.

Yes, that’s the same old door-to-door delivery service. With more opportunities and greater profit margins though. 

For 8-year-old Jack, the founder of Teen Hustl it all started with Lego which cost $400, way more than a kid could afford. Extremely entrepreneurial if we could say, Jack went further than Jack’s lemonade stands across the country (his first business). 

Teen Hustl is a hyperlocal delivery service (within 2 miles) exclusively operated by teenagers utilizing e-scooters and bicycles. Jack sees Teen Hustl’s opportunity in keeping it green and door-to-door. Hustlrs pick up deliveries from the restaurants, grocery stores in your neighborhood to safely deliver to homes and offices nearby. Amazon delivery and return are a part of Teen Hustl’s service.

Teen Hustl picks up Amazon returns from customers’ homes and making returns as convenient as online purchases.

Jack Bonneau, the founder of Teen Hustle

If you are a teen looking for a side hustle to bring home the beacon, pay for your next holiday trip, or a new gaming console, why not to apply as a ‘hustlr’? Jack is planning Teen Hustl expansion in 150 locations across 10 U.S. states.

Learn more about How To Make Money As A Teen: 32 Ideas That Work. Everything from streaming on Twitch to multitasking on TaskRabbit to renting out your car and selling stock photos – in one post.

8. Become a Freelance Writer Like Laura Briggs

Freelance writer knows how to make $100 a day
  • Freelance writer’s hourly pay is on average $21.83 (Indeed).
  • Blogs that pay $100 and more for submissions: Smart Business Trends ($100-$200), ZEAL($100), Family Story ($100), GitLab (up to $200 per post), Apple Pie (up to $100).
  • Note, the niche is important. A health magazine typically does not accept article submissions from writers without a medical degree, while the lifestyle and entertainment magazine would judge by the quality of work. Also keep in mind that some blogs accept international publications, while others are country-specific. 

It’s no secret that blogging might bring you more than a full-time income once you manage to spike traffic and generate leads. Top blogs like Mashable or Techcrunch are easily making half a billion dollars a month from banner ads alone. But before you hit hundreds of thousands of visitors you hardly get any feasible income from a blog. 

That’s where guest blogging steps in.

Laura Briggs is the author of “How to start your own freelance writing business” and Entrepreneur’s VIP contributor. A former middle school teacher, today she is not only a freelance writer or guest blogger but also a keynote speaker and a freelance coach. 

Laura launched her freelance writing business in 2012 and quickly scaled to six-figures in 18 months. Then, in 2015 she fired half of her clients and subcontractors, hired her first virtual assistant, and freed some time for herself.

That’s when she “started to see hours and energy come back to me in my biz”. 

Well before she launched her own blog Better Biz Academy, Laura was writing blog posts for others.

Based on the niche and the length of an article, you could be paid anywhere from $50 to $500 and up per single post. Besides regular payment, typically you would also have a mention from those publications, which further improves your reputation as a writer.

7.  Sell and Resell Like Johnny Francisco 

Seller sorting her clothes for sale
  • Web-only retailers generally have the lowest profit margins, while building supply and distribution retailers have the best margins⁠—reaching as high as 6.5%. (Investopedia, 2020)
  • Best marketplaces to sell items from thrift shops or your own closet: Poshmark, eBay, Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, Vinted, Depop, Preloved.

With platforms like Etsy, Amazon, and Shopify, e-commerce is growing faster than ever. But there are more venues to sell and resell than meets the eye. 

Before he joined Poshmark in 2016, Johnny Francisco was searching for a side hustle. Gaining much-needed eCommerce experience, Jonny now runs a successful reselling business of pre-loved and new items. His Poshmark shop @threadheadz has more than 1700 items listed. 

His reselling business allowed him to pay for his wedding, honeymoon, and first home.

There is more than one successful example of a reselling business, and Laura Rose is one of them. At just 21, the university student Rose has managed to make 30 000 pounds reselling the items from “wholesalers in China, thrift shops and local markets on eBay”. But before she started her reselling business, she sold her family’s wardrobes. Everything that was a misfit was immediately listed on eBay.

This “thrifting and listing” business helped her afford not only tuition but a car, fun holidays that the teen dreamed of, and even some money set aside for investment. In 2016 Rose was featured by Mirror as a living proof that “your cluttered cupboard could be a gold mine”. 

You can discover more ways How to Make $1000 a Week to make a living while in college or when losing a job. There you will find why Facebook Marketplace is one of the best places for retailers, where freelances sell their services, and more.

6. Build Websites Like Paul Marks

Website design is one of the most popular ways how to make $100 a day
  • The average hourly pay for web developers is $31.01 (Indeed).
  • Based on Indeed employee reviews, top-rated companies for web developers are Apple (4.2), Accenture (4.0), Upwork (4.0), Bank of America (3.8), Wells Fargo (3.7).

If you are going to build anything, build it right thinks Paul. And he is right.

One of the top-rated web developers on Upwork, Paul has steadily built his reputation as an expert developer who helped agencies, manufacturers, and startups streamline the day-to-day operations. 

“We had many moving pieces in our project and Paul was able to quickly wrap his head around it all and get everything running smoothly.” 

Paul is one of the highest-paid professionals in his industry, and rightfully charges $140 dollars per hour. 39 completed projects have brought him more than $30 000. 

Of course, the world is all about money today. But skills come before it.

If you happen to know WordPress, React, Node.js, API development, or other essential developer’s skills, it’s time to charge what your real worth is. 

Setting up on Upwork won’t take more than 10-20 minutes.

5. Teach Like Trevor Klee

Tutor explaining the subject to students
  • The average hourly rate for tutors is $21.79 (Indeed, May 2020)
  • Best companies to work with: Reading Partners (4.6), America Reads(4.4), AVID(4.4), Club Z! (4.4), Tutor Doctor (4.3) (Indeed employee ratings).
  • Earning potential of private tutors depends on the niche but ranges from $223 a day to $109 000 a year.

Offering online or one-on-one tutoring lessons is up to you; as well as the subject you would like to teach. For Trevor, test-prep tutor from Boston, graduate training presented the main interest. 

“I was never really a teacher’s pet, but school made sense to me”, says Trevor. First being employed in Singapore, he decided to set up his own tutoring business. His first GMAT tutoring ad was posted on… Reddit.

“It took me a while to set up all of the non-teaching parts of my business, like marketing, office space, website hosting, etc…”, he admits.  

As a highly experienced private tutor, he charges between $100 and $160 per hour for GMAT, GRE, and LSAT tutoring, and makes six-figures a year. Being able to teach the same things over and over again for 2-4 hours a day and 6-7 days a week without getting annoyed or bored is his basic requirement for anyone willing to tutor.

Pro tips from Trevor for tutors-to-be include finding your niche (pre-schoolers, K12, adults or test-prep tutoring), creating an effective tutoring website, and offering free tutoring for testimonials and reviews from students.

4.  Create and Sell Online Courses Like Rob Percival

Udemy instructor Rob Percival announcing his web development course
  • Potential earnings for course creators range from $200-$300 a month to $1 million a year
  • Popular platforms for instructors include Udemy, SkillShare, Teachable, Thinkific, etc.
  • The course price on Udemy ranges from $10 to $300.

Hundreds of thousands of professionals are creating courses on e-learning platforms like Udemy, Skillshare, LearnDash, Teachable, Thinkific, etc. One of the benefits of creating a course over tutoring real-time is that you earn passive income for as long as the course is valid. Initially small earnings may average six-figure income over the course of a year.

That’s the reason why a successful school Math teacher with a Cambridge University degree gave up his day job and became a full-time course creator. Yes, we are about Rob Percival, Udemy’s top instructor whose earnings exceed $2.8 million today.

E-learning is quickly advancing with more individuals seeking online courses. By 2025, the e-learning market is predicted to reach $325 billion. Rob is just an example of how big you could grow with online courses. 

On his first programming course Rob worked for three months and created more than 30 hours of content. Struggling to get any students, he offered the course for free in exchange for testimonials as a social proof. The biggest issue with all online courses is that it’s hard to get your first clients for a brand new instructor.

But once you manage to grow participants, the passive income from course(s) would steadily grow up. To date, the total number of Rob students surpassed 1.5 million

SkillShare reports $200 as the average earnings of first-time teachers in their first month on the platform, with top teachers earning upwards of $3,000

Creating a course would not bring you $100 dollars a day the first day you launch it. But you are in for a few thousand in royalties as soon as the online course gains testimonials. 

3.  Babysit Like Rachel Charlupski

Babysitter playing with kid can make as much as $100 a day
  • Babysitters and nannies make on average of $16.70 per hour (Indeed, May 2020)
  • Best agencies to apply for babysitting jobs based on Indeed employee reviews: Bambino Sitters (5 stars) (4.2), Sittercity (4.3), Select Sitters (4.5), College Nannies + Tutors (3.8).
  • Possible earnings range from $220.80 dollars a day to $15 458 a month and up. 

Babysitting is a common side hustle for teens and college students, yet a few managed to turn a childcare passion into a lucrative seven-figure business.

Rachel Charlupski, the founder of The Babysitting Company, always loved kids. She started offering her babysitting services to vacationing families in Scottsdale when she was a college student. Returning vacationers would call her back. 

When one of her clients asked if she knew anyone in Los Angeles to babysit, Rachel readily flew there and babysat herself. And the same way, a girl from Scottsdale flew to New York, hiring babysitters as the demand for quality service grew.

Today The Babysitting Company operates 1200 sitters in 11 locations across 50 states. She was consistently featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and other reputable magazines.

Pro Tip from Rachel is to be ultra-accessible and charge accordingly. To maintain her high-end service she trains her sitters to be ready to drop whatever they do at the moment for the last-minute offer but adds up bonus pay. 

Check out these babysitting tips which cover everything from writing a resume to fun kid activities to do when babysitting. 

2. Freelance Graphic Design Like Joana Galvão

Freelance graphic designer working on logo design
  • The average pay for a graphic designer is $23 per hour.
  • The earnings range from $185.80 per day to $81 000 a year (ZipRecruiter, 2020).
  • Best platforms for freelance graphic designers to bid on projects and set up portfolios are Upwork, 99Designs, PeoplePerHour, Behance, AuthenticJobs, etc.

Wouldn’t it be great if…? 

These are the words that made a huge impact on Joana, a 22 year old graphic design grad at that time. From there on she set her first entrepreneurial goal of making $2000 in 10 days and joining B-School, an eight-week marketing course. 

She landed $800 on her first freelance project (!) for a logo design, which she “would have done for $100” since she had no idea how projects were priced, as Joana says. The client was highly satisfied with the quality work and gave a shout-out to her in a group of 17 000 other entrepreneurs.

Two months after, Joane quit her job and doubled her previous salary within 30 days of going freelance. It didn’t stop there. She managed to pull in $100 000 in just 10 months into her freelancing experience.

Today at 28, she is the co-founder of Gif Design Studio, a Portugal-based award-winning design agency. 

The take? Just like any creative skill, graphic design is well-paid these days especially for those not afraid to pick a freelance route. No matter where you live.

Pro tip from Joane is to build your business through in-person networking.

People like to do business with people that they know.

Joanna Galvão, the co-founder of Gif Design Studio

1. Complete Odd Jobs Like Chris M.

Handyman making cabinets earns up to $100 dollars a day
  • The average hourly pay for a handyman is $18, and $13 for a cleaner (ZipRecruiter, 2020).

You’ve run all over this list and are not a writer, a graphic designer, or a web developer. You are not sure you have marketing talent or patience for teaching. Or if running your own business would be a match.

Does it mean making $100 dollars a day is out of reach?


People need others for odd jobs too. TaskRabbit helped Chris M. to pull through the toughest post-recession times, build up experience and reviews necessary to start his handyperson business.  

Being a Tasker since 2011, Chris has completed more than 833 tasks with a 99% success rating. The current charge for the tasks Chris does is $170.58 per hour.

His handyman services range from carpentry and electrical help to heavy lifting, minor repairs and yard work. 

The U.S. is not the only country where Taskers from TaskRabbit are offering help and getting paid. Selected cities in Canada, Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, and France are also hiring prospective Taskers. The average charge the Taskers ask is anywhere from $20/ hour up to $200 depending on the task difficulty, country, and tasker’s experience.

Setting up a profile on TaskRabbit you could offer cleaning and laundry, gardening, office and home delivery, besides handyman services.

For those in the U.S., Takl and Handy are other platforms where any skill or help would be paid.

Quick Recap

In short, to make $36 000+ a year, or $100 dollars a day you can sell, teach, or create. 

But before you make a cent, think which path to choose. 

If you are a good negotiator and marketer, opening an ecommerce store may be your thing.

On the other hand, if you would rather spend hours building websites, developing games, or writing a blog post getting into the gig economy on Upwork and Freelancer is the best match.

If you are neither a salesperson nor a developer type, perhaps a tutoring job is waiting for you?

Again, we are not talking about full-time K12 positions. Hundreds of thousands of people are creating online courses on e-learning platforms like Udemy, Skillshare, and Lynda. Though a bit of marketing, or rather self-marketing, won’t hurt to get your first course participants.

Depending on how fast (remember we advised against this word at the start?) you want to get your $100 dollars a day, you may consider odd jobs like data entry or virtual assistant jobs. Here again, sites like Upwork, FlexJobs, or TaskRabbit help you meet your goal.