Hobbies That Make Money

61 Hobbies That Make Money [Online And Offline]

Not every hobby is costly; some could make money for you. This post about 61 hobbies that make money is an example of how to turn your favorite pastime into an income source.

No matter what your idea of fun is, there must be a way to turn it into a side hustle, or a small business, with some budget and efforts. 

A hobby can also be one of the Easy Part Time Jobs To Make Extra Cash. We’ve grouped common hobbies and side jobs into 7 categories for an easy read. So, don’t forget to take a quick look after you finish this post.

A hobby does not have to be unusual to make money. Sometimes dead boring gardening could be turned into a fun and lucrative gardening class. With a bit of filming and editing skills, you could easily vlog your landscaping routine and upload it to YouTube. 

Let’s take a quick look at how to get 61 usual and unusual best hobbies that make money both online and offline. How much is your hobby is worth? 

61. Reading

book reviews is one of the most interesting hobbies that make money

You won’t believe but there are plenty of ways you can earn side income while indulging your reading needs. Beyond writing paid book reviews, you could try narrating (audiobooks is a huge market we take for granted), editing and copyediting that could score you an additional couple of hundred bucks a week, averaging at $1000-2000 a month.

Once you’ve mastered the editing and copyediting, and have developed an eye for book illustration and design why not set up your own publishing agency? This could benefit you even more if you happen to be a writer yourself, or ever dreamed of seeing your book on the shelves but never had a chance to. But let’s start small. Check out Online Book Club, Booklist, Kirkus Media, Women’s Review of Books, and Publishers Weekly to cash on your reading habit. The pay ranges between $5 and up to $100 per single book review.

60. Dancing

If samba and tango, or salsa, funk, and hip hop are not just ways to kill the time, but a lifelong passion, why not to become a dance instructor part-time? Read more about how dancers make money.

59. E-sports 

E-sports (esports), or electronic sports, a form of sport competition using video gaming, is a relative newcomer in the hobbies field. 

Long a part of video game culture, it has since gained huge popularity thanks to professional athletes, live streaming platforms like Twitch or YouTube, and game developers providing funding for tournaments and other events. Happen to have an athletic background or substantial video gaming experience? Nailing the art of e-sports could help you not only foot the bills but become a millionaire. 

Top 500 professional players in e-sports earn anywhere from $6,890,040.18 to $255,357.84.

Top three most played video games list

Top earnings went into the pocket of NOtail (Johan Sandstein) from Denmark, JerAx (Jesse Vainikka) from Finland, and ana (Anathan Pham) from Australia averaging $6 million each. Featured games are Dota 2, Fortnite, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and League of Legends.

58. Cooking

Love grilling, baking, and roasting? Think of a catering service. The demand for homemade food is on the rise. You could set up a door-to-door delivery service, charging an additional fee. Restaurant chefs though, especially in their early careers, do appear among the most paid cooking professionals.

The average hourly pay for restaurant cook $11.05

57. Event Planning

With exceptional customer service skills, a creative mind, and social nature you are sure to fit the role of an event planner. Dig deeper into your early ages, was it you who planned all the surprise parties, weddings, and birthdays in your family?

If you are good at listening to what the actual needs of your friends, relatives, neighbors are, then betting on an event planning career would bring you not only joy but bring home the beckon.  The average hourly rate for an event planner is $17.76.

56. Beekeeping

Beekeeping profits extend beyond selling honey. As a beekeeper, you could make and sell scented candles from wax, and offer advisory services for beginner beekeepers. $13.22 is an average beekeeper’s pay per hour. Surely, this is one of the hobbies that make money today.

55. Husband For an Hour

You won’t believe it but there are people who actually love minor plumbing and wood repair, fixing electrical issues and planning cosmetic upgrades. If any of the handy home improvement skills bring a bit of enjoyment for you, offering those for money would be a good idea of money making hobbies.

Average handyman hourly pay $23.09

You can work locally, just in your neighborhood, or sign up with the local home service agency. Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor, Thumbtack, and Houzz are typical examples of the best handyman-for-hire websites, which allow creating profiles and start getting tasks. 

54. Web Design

If you ever build a simple portfolio website, an ecommerce store, or a blog with WordPress, Wix, or Squirespace enjoying every minute of the process, web design might be for you. Many web designers started experimenting with website builders, themes, and plugins with no prior coding experience. 

Yet knowing the basics of HTML5 and CCS. Java Script, while is not necessary, still is quite desirable for a professional web designer. You can find gigs on freelance websites like Fiverr or Upwork while keeping your day job, or choose to work remotely full-time for tech start-ups.  Expect to earn an average pay of $19.94 per hour.

53. Photography

Freelance photographers like hobbies that make money

Whether it is a wedding, portrait, or landscape photography, or altogether, offering photographing services proves to be cost-effective. A typical freelance photographer charges $25-75 per hour for images used for ads, blogs, or personal needs. A typical high-end photographer makes $250-500 per hour; and oftentimes works on TV documentaries, billboards, movies, or magazines.

The daily earnings may surpass $10 000, depending on the area of expertise (fashion, entertainment, etc.). And social media is your best friend. Even TikTok; one of the trending hashtags on TikTok is #photographyeveryday that gets roughly 1.6 billion views. By displaying your work on social media you could grow followers count and land bigger deals. Isn’t it one of the hobbies that make money while you sleep?

52. Gaming

Gaming is too broad and diverse to define. Perhaps it’s video gaming that you care about a lot, computer games, AR, or VR. You are the one from an estimated 2.7 billion gamers worldwide as we approach 2021. But with professional live streaming platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming, video games is no longer a game but a foolproof path to real millions. 

Former highest-paid Twitch streamer, Ninja (now streaming on Mixer) whose estimated earnings accounted for $5 million in yearly incomes is one of the lucky Twitch stars who built six and seven figures revenue from subscriptions, ads, sponsorships, tournaments, etc.

Still, thinking of quitting video gaming?

51. Web Development

What could possibly be fun in writing endless lines of code, troubleshooting, and debugging? 

Apparently, for 26. 4 million software developers (who work not only on web applications but also on desktop and mobile apps), spending hours building websites from the ground up makes sense. Besides offering a remote, work-from-home environment, the money making hobbies is a well-paid one (on average $20.62/hour).

50. Tutoring

Teacher explaining business concepts

Do you like giving advice, consulting, and teaching? Have certain skills or up-to-date industry knowledge? With platforms like Skillshare, Teachable, and Udemy, you could easily turn your free tutoring hobby into a paid online course to add some money to your family budget. According to Teachinguide, the top 10 Udemy instructors’ earnings from a  single course average at $700-1.5 million a year. However, most of them had other courses, which promises more income falling into their pockets each month.

49. Freelance Writing

Do you see writing as something more than a mere routine necessity? For you, it’s a craft worth spending time on, right? Regardless of what your day job is, writing guest posts, taking part in writing contests, developing manuals, screenplays, video scripts, and ad copies is one of hobbies that make money for you. 

Average freelance writer hourly pay $24.07

Once you’ve built your writing portfolio, you may start pitching to reputable magazines and journals or pitch your book to publishers.

48. Pet – sitting 

Just like babysitting, pets need nannies to take care while their owners are away on vacation; or caught up at work. Being an animal lover, you could not dream of a side hustle other than a pet-sitting. After all, cat’s affectionate pawing, a puppy’s toy sharing is a pleasant perk of a dream hustle, right? Well, besides traditional dog-sitting hourly pay($13.16 and up), of course.

47. Driving

Is driving all day long your dream? Welcome to the taxi drivers league. With unbeatable Uber, Lyft, and Grab, getting in the driver’s seat is easy. As a side note, you would probably need to own a vehicle, be older than 14 years of age (17 and 18 in some states), and know the area like your family backyard. Well, why not try driving as one of the hobbies that make money if you meet the requirements?

Weekends-only driving or regular weekdays, Uber and other taxi companies let you decide.  The hourly pay is around $12.32 in most states.

46. Social Media

Social media managing has its place among hobbies that make money

Surprised that sitting on Social Media is also considered as one of hobbies that can make money. Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, you could count and count. But how practical is your experience? If it goes beyond setting up an account, just a few likes, and a couple of subscribers then, isn’t it time to go for a part-time social media managing job? 

With proper marketing strategy and ad techniques, you may help busy merchants in managing their social media accounts, boosting brand recognition and engagement with posts. And if $16.99 (as of May 2020) as an hourly pay sounds okay to start a social media job, then you seem to be fairly paid to pursue your money making hobbies. 

45. Graphic Design

One of the most work-from-home friendly jobs is graphic design. Knowing Adobe Creative Suite, having a worthy design portfolio, and a keen interest in making money creating multiple ads, brochures, product packaging, logos, etc., your recruiters won’t find a better match for a graphic designer than you, and you – find a better-paid application of hobbies that make money.

Average hourly rate for graphic designer $17.47

Then, again if a long-time commitment does not speak to you, freelance markets like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, FlexJobs, and PeoplePerHour are a great chance to bid on graphic design gigs.

44. 3D Animation

Similar to graphic design, 3D animation is a well-paid hobby to have. Unless you are just a beginner or are inexplicably bad at 3D animation (sometimes referred to as 3D modeling), you could always find smaller projects to work with. Video games, movies, TV, and commercials are waiting for you. Most proficient Disney, Pixar, and Blue Sky contractors have been paid up to $100 000 and above

43. Blogging

Yes, blogging is about writing, but it surely more than just producing written pieces of great importance. In fact, blogging is about SEO (search engine optimization), content marketing, photo-editing, networking, UI/UX (user interface and user experience) CCS and HTML, and other skills as much as it is about content creation. Simply put, even an excellent writer could be not much of a blogger. 

Think of a blogger as a full-stack content marketer, who not only knows what he/she wants to write about but what the audience wants to read. If you have even the slightest interest in how the digital content is working, that’s a sign you are going to be a great blogger someday.

There are food and travel bloggers, sports, lifestyle, and DIY bloggers. Make sure you’ve picked the right niche to blog.  Records prove this could be one of the best hobbies that make money for you.

But what is the pay?

The more traffic your blog is getting, and the bigger your email list, the higher the revenue you gain from it. It is realistic to make $25,000-$50,000 in your first year of blogging, $100,000+ your second year, $250,000, and up year-after-year. Why wait any longer?

42. Vlogging

Young vlogger recording a video on smartphone

Unlike blogging, vlogging is a video blogging, where, of course, the main focus is on video content. For many amateur videographers and filmmakers, YouTube represents vlogging. But vlogging is limited by YouTube. Facebook and Instagram Live, Vimeo, Twitch IRL, IGTV, are among the well-suited vlogging platforms. 

Creators like Shroud, Destorm Power, Dude Perfect, have known for both million subscribers and six-figure paychecks.

Perhaps you could also get in the lead with vlogging?

41. Reselling & Flipping

Is Math your cup of tea? Do you know how to sell products or services to neighbors and friends? Spend hours and hours analysing what’s selling best on Amazon, Etsy, or eBay? 

Dropshipping might be for you. With ecommerce platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce, you don’t have to produce or store any physical goods. Setting up a Shopify dropshipping store, you act as a middleman, connecting consumers and manufacturers. Well, charging a fee, of course. Millions of people dropship from Alibaba or AliExpress to their ecommerce stores on Amazon, for example. 

Also, when mentioning flipping, it’s hard to ignore another trend – niche websites and mobile apps. Websites like Flippa help thousands of tech-savvy people resell apps and websites they bought earlier and then optimized.

A fairly typical range is somewhere around 24 to 32 times monthly earnings

Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws, is a longstanding entrepreneur who managed to build more than a full-time income from flipping niche websites.

40. Podcasting

Podcast guest and host discussing  hobbies that make money

Podcasting is not for everyone because not always it is able to bring in any money. But when it does, a highly successful podcasting business could make as much as $50 000 per episode. The kind of hobbies that make money for real, right?

Smaller podcasts, on the other hand, make as little as $2000 a year. Owning a small blogging business, content creation tips can be shared with podcast listeners, thus contributing to the overall success of a business. 

39. Music

For about one-fifth of the world, population music is perceived as a “virtual persona”, as the recent studies in behavioral neuroscience show. But music takes many forms. You can be no more than a listener, or you can be a performer. You may sing, or play musical instruments.

DJ hourly pay is $48.88

One of the most lucrative side hustles is DJing. Best advice from YO! MAFIA is to “Make mixtapes”. “As many as you can. Just press record and drop a solid 30-minute mix with no editing; just you, a mixer and two turntables”, says one of Australia’s hardest working genre-smashing DJs.

More on how to get started with a DJ career is here.

38. Home Design

A home design or interior design requires a fine taste for furniture, knowledge of color palettes, and good graphic design skills. If you are lucky enough to have a combination of them, offering online and in-person interior design consultations is a good business idea worth spending a couple of hours a week. Sounds like hobbies that make money for a skilled aficionado?

Interior designer earns $20.46 per hour

Building a professional portfolio website, you may go for high-earning gigs to be paid on a project-by-project basis. Browse home decor ideas on Pinterest, a medium to be on for every aspiring interior designer. The least home decor skills could make for you is zero spendings on the designing services of your own place.

37. Babysitting

Babysitting is not much of a well-paid job ($10.57), but still worth considering by college students, teenagers, temporarily unemployed child care professionals, or anyone with love for kids. And some, like Cristina Twigg, the founder of Easy Care Sitters, a New-York based babysitting agency would go further to start their own businesses and hire experienced nannies like you.

36. Traveling

Travelling surely is one of a money making hobbies, but how come we placed it among the hobbies that make money? On its own, travelling somewhere abroad is quite expensive, and is in fact more of a luxury than a regular hobby. The ways to profit from travelling, however, are many. 

Cool photos of different cultures and lifestyles can be sold to stock photography websites like Shutterstock, 500px Prime, iStockphoto, or online marketplaces like Etsy. A single photo could earn between $10 and $120. Snapping enough unique images could potentially cover the cost of your travel. Travel vlogging and blogging are yet other hobbies that make money from your travel adventures. 

Knowing the host country’s language you could act as an interpreter cashing on your language skills. Traveling within your native land you could become a tour guide and charge a small fee for your guiding services. 

35. Yoga and Fitness

Fitness instructor giving a yoga class on beach

Is yoga or fitness your mantra? We are sure you would make a perfect yoga instructor. One-on-one yoga lessons, group sessions, or selling your yoga courses on Udemy – you decide what suits your schedule best. Lucky to practice great cardio that helps you keep fit? Create YouTube fitness series and monetize with ads. Sky’s the limit to how you profit from expertise. 

34. Fishing

Not everyone finds fishing attractive. Much less profitable.

Starting a niche blog about fishing, winning fishing contests and competitions, running a fishing camp, using your boat for fishing tours, making and selling your own baits, or coaching fish experts-to-be are all the ways to make your hobby make a buck. Sometimes, fishing profits are simply down to supplying your farmer’s market. So this may or may not be one of the hobbies that make money for you.

33. Stand-up Comedy

Once you can write comedies that people have a good laugh with, and you perform in full power of your artistic sense, you are ready to make a decent living from a stand-up comedy.

The Wall Street Journal estimated the yearly earnings of a comedian Ray William Jonson at $1 million in 2012. Today, 8 years later, his net worth is between $5-10 million as cited by various sources. Biggest part of his net worth comes from a highly-popular YouTube channel with more than 9 million subscribers as of 2020.

32. Programming and Coding

Though programming and coding have differences, the ways both hobbies make money are quite the same. Even kids are coding today – why not you? Coding an app from the ground up may not cost you more than hours of butt-sitting and countless lines of code. But the result is well-known in the business arena. 

Average hourly pay for software developer $27.75

17-year-old Nick D’Aloisio sold his Summly app to Yahoo(for $30 million) in 2013. Robert Nay, the founder of Nay games was only 14 when he released his first mobile game app ever – Bubble Ball, which since has been downloaded more than 16 million times from Apple store and Google Play. 

A former real estate agent, Chad Mureta today is a founder of the App Empire. Selling his first three app companies and earning a fortune, Chad is convinced it takes more just the coding skills to run your own bisiness.

80% of business is the psychology of the business owner and 20% is the skillset. If you have psychology, you can get the skill set.

Chad Mureta

The app market is quickly expanding and is expected to be worth $6.3 trillion in 2021. You still have time to take your amateur coding skills to the professional level, right?

And while you are far from selling a million-dollar app, a job as a software developer worth accepting the offer.

31. Video Editing

With the growing demand for video content, the need for expert video editors is escalating. Getting the hang of a reputable video editing software you could claim your expertise. Not only medium and small businesses but YouTubers are looking for someone to help them with video editing. ViEdit, MOFILM, Unscreen, Mandy, Fiverr, and Upwork are among the best platforms for getting video editing gigs.

Film and video editor makes $19.73 per hour

30. Car Repair

If you are not new to fixing cars and love spending your weekends in the garage, the car repair business would make a perfect match for you. Setting up a website and hiring a couple of car-crazy mechanics is all that you need to get started with hobbies that make money in the “people’s” business.

29. Trading Stocks

While investing in the stock market might be a good idea to make money work for you, you have to keep in mind the risks involved in such ventures. As one of hobbies that make money it might lead you to earn and at the same time to lose. 

Before you eventually make your deal of the day, make sure you’ve spent enough time analyzing the stock market. Some of the top-rated trading sites include OptionsHouse, Scottrade, Motif Investing, TradeKing, and TD Ameritrade

28. Painting

It’s no secret being an artist is cool. People are asking for your autographs, magazines and journals are inviting for interviews, and Instagram followers keep liking your posts in millions, right? Wrong! 

Many artists were recognized after they died and lived in extreme poverty and poor living conditions. Luckily for you, social networking sites like Instagram, photo-sharing sites like Flickr, and video platforms like YouTube could all contribute to your success as an artist. Just keep going if you truly love painting, and the gigs, money, and fame will find you.

27. Sewing

Seamstress is happy with favorite hobbies that make money

Depending on whether you just think of learning to sew, or are well into your sewing enthusiasm, sewing can be as boring as watching paint dry, or as fun as hanging out with friends. From fixing and tailoring clothing to designing a range, making patterns, and giving sewing classes your hobbies that make money could bring an additional $10-$30 000 (and more) a year into your wallet. 

26. Fashion Design

Despite the distorted view of a fashion designer as a wealthy fashion mogul, who owns boutiques, design studios, and clothing lines (although in truth, most successful of them do), average fashion designers make over $70 000 a year, with lowest 10 percent making about half of it, and highest 10 percent boasting $130 000.

25. Makeup

If cosmetics is your thing, and foundation, mascara, powder, and rouge are magical tools to beautify your look, think of becoming a part-time makeup artist. With all those eyelashes, contouring,concealers, eyebrow pencils, waxes, and gels, we surely need makeup professionals to consult, transform, and enhance facial aesthetics of our. 

Makeup artist hourly pay $18.44

Fear no, the hourly wage is satisfying. Need more than just mere arrangements? Upload your makeup tutorials to YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok, gain the audience and monetize it.

24. Carpentry and Woodworking

Skilled carpenters are in demand however you bend it. Simply replacing an old  window, or making the cabinets for a kitchen, handy skills not only is an interesting hobby but a way to make money with bare hands, so to speak. 

Coupled with an online arts and crafts store, DIY woodworking tutorials, or a carpentry service for hire, your favorite pastime may prove to be cost-effective.

23. Volunteering 

Whaat? We must be kidding. 

Except for, we are not. Depending on the industry you are in, volunteering while mostly unpaid, helps you save up on management, networking, and sales and marketing courses. It broadens horizons and brings joy. Unsurprisingly, one of the best hobbies that make money and peace.

Also, not all volunteering is unpaid. If a volunteer is required to travel to another location, for example, the organization usually takes care of travel expenses, housing, and meal plans. Extending your social circle through volunteering, you have no problem asking recommendations, and seem positive for future employers.

22. Foreign Languages

Being an ESL teacher could make you an additional $2 000+ in monthly income. But there is more than just teaching English. You could become an interpreter, a content or speechwriter, or a vlogger on YouTube. Being multilingual you are one of the few candidates for top recruiters.

Foreign language teacher makes $20.35 an hour

Well, knowing your domain of course.

21. Acting

Just a disclaimer, Hollywood and Broadway are not the only places actors could play. With video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, and others, natural talent has its chance. Actors often appear in TV commercials, in local TV shows. They give live performances in small theatres and host public events. Gaining large following and viewership on video platforms, they could make a living from their money making hobbies. 

20. Artwork Collection

What for some is an unforgivable luxury, for others is an investment. Exquisite pieces of artwork would never lose in worth but gain as time goes. Collecting paintings, statues, limited editions of books, etc. does not have to cost you a fortune.

Be cautious though, since there are fraudsters and scammy services around. Learn more about art as an investment if you decide to put it on your “hobbies to make money” list.

19. Knitting and Crochet

DIY crochet and knitting as hobby to make money

For all yearntrepreneurs out there, there are three business paths to choose from.

  • One, becoming a producer or manufacturer who is selling her/his own crafts.
  • Two, becoming a designer who sells knitting and crochet patterns.
  • Three, becoming a knitting blogger.

Or perhaps, you’ve already been doing it. Then, you would agree, making $100 000 a week selling crochet patterns online is within the reach of everyone. Or at least that’s what Pamela Grice, the founder of Crochetpreneur, makes.

18. Collecting Domain Names

Remember the website flipping business we talked about the lines above? In fact, many tech-savvy kids and internet pros buy domain names only to resell them down the road. 

While most .com domains that make sense have already been taken, it is possible to pick one worth as much as 5-figure profit in just a couple of years. But of course you have to bargain and dip into your savings before you find a worthy domain to buy.

17. Real Estate 

Half of what lucky top 10 percent of real estate agents make per single deal may cover a family’s living expenses for months. However, selling the property requires more than just marketing skills. Would you commit your time to one of the most demanding hobbies that make money but require time and effort on your part?

More often than not, agents get low commissions and have to deal with fake clients who are never going to buy anything. Buying a property yourself to resell it later on, is a risky business that few commoners could afford. Before you jump into pursuing your first real estate deal, make sure you understand that selling 1 house worth $300 000 dollars is easier than selling 10 houses worth $30 000 each, according to Kevin M. Leonard, the founder of Luxury Agent.

16. Shopping vs. Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopper in the supermarket gets paid for hobby

If shopping is your one true hobby that always burns a hole in your pocket, there are ways to turn this money-grabbing habit into one of hobbies that make money.

You could simply shop for someone by being a personal shopper, or turn your life around and become a certified mystery shopper. In both cases, you still derive pleasure from shopping and bargaining, but for others. And certainly, you are not expected to fork your own money on.

Want to learn more about mystery shoppers? Here is a good resource to feed your curiosity. Personal shoppers charge on average $11.72 per hour.

15. Tour Guiding

Much like traveling or travel blogging, tour guiding involves hours in a car or a tour bus. Retelling all the significant happenings in the area to wow the tourists or tour participants, and is another side of tour guiding. Multiple where and how require to talk all the time, that unsurprisingly, sociable people find it attractive. The hourly pay a tour guide receives is about $12.85.

14. Skincare and Beauty

Makeup is not the only business that is built on genuine passion. Skin and hair care products take up a lump in the beauty industry. More, in 90% of all cases beautifying appearances is among hobbies that make money for a crafty person with a great sense of self.

Homemade soap, shampoo, facial mask recipes, or perhaps skincare tutorials and vlogs – all are the ways to earn you a place among beauty experts. 

13. Toys and Dolls

Toy collection  on sale

Perhaps you like just collecting Teddy bears, or unboxing L.O.L. Surprise! dolls, or spend spare time designing dollhouses and inventing new Tamagotchis. Toy business proves to be one of the most rewarding.

Not just because of kids laughing, but the money their Mom’s and Dad’s are readily forking out on Disney Cars, Minions, Super Heros, and whatever toy the industry releases.

Even a single YouTube channel like CKN Toys with 15 million subscribers reportedly generates an estimated $18 million a year from ads running on its videos. 

12. Watching TV and Movies

Killing time watching Hulu or Netflix? No worries, you can make money from the coach.

The point-reward system of Swagbucks or Viggle compensates the hours you spend watching favorite shows and movies. If you are not just a casual movie-watcher but have an eye for detail, you could become one of the lucky 30 Netflix taggers (competition is fierce), who are paid to watch movies on Netflix day in and day out (or about 3-5 movies a day). Anyway, check the company’s job board before shooting up your application.

Note, although you are not much to gain, you still can expect a few bucks adding up to your daily wage.

11. Cheesemaking

If Cheddar, Brie, Gauda, and Ricotta, and other sorts of cheeses are not just to buy in the supermarket, but to make when you have spare time, cheesemaking could put the money into your pocket. More, it could be one out of many hobbies that make money for good.

Average hourly pay for cheesemaker $17.06

Some sorts of cheese like Mozzarella or Gauda can easily be made at home with raw milk, cheese cultures, and a milk pasteurizer. James Leprino known for his “pizza cheese” that Americans love, whose net worth hits an estimated $3.6 billion, started his Leprino Foods cheese empire at $615.

10. Landscaping and Gardening

No denying gardening is fun and diverse. And so are the ways to make money from it.

Becoming a gardening coach you could expect anywhere between $15-25 per hour. Garden consulting and garden design are the two of most common ways experienced gardeners make money from their craft and skills; from just a few dollars to thousands per project/consultation.

Starting a small backyard seed company, selling cuttings, garden tours, tea times, garden parties, and photo sessions are all fun approaches to making a living from one of your favorite hobbies that make money.

Yet no one turned off nature blogs and vlogs for YouTubers. Here are more ideas for a witty gardener.

9. Birdwatching

Are you an avid birdwatcher and wildlife activist? Sharing your knowledge of birds through blogging is both emotionally and financially satisfying. Bird magazines are also paying hefty commissions for professional stock photos of birds. 

Still surprised, a hobby as simple as birdwatching can be one of the most lucrative hobbies that make money for summer vocations and holiday trips?

8. Sports

Hobbies that pay - athletes cycling

Unsurprisingly, sportspeople are among the highest-paid professionals, earning hundreds of thousands per single match. But sports is not just a profession or job; for many of them it’s all passion that turned them into sports stars. But sports need talented coaches as much as professional participants. 

Researching for team employee contracts, starting a sports blog, attending sports trade shows and local events would help you get your foot in the door of sports business.

7. Singing and Karaoke

A genuine passion for music and daily practice has led many Billboard stars to the top of their singing careers. With Twitch Sings (a live karaoke platform), YouTube, Soundcloud, and other music streaming platforms, the singing hobby becomes quite profitable. 

More about Twitch Sings and how to use it for your advantage is here.

6. Drones

Drone developer testing the drone outdoors

Today drones are not just “flying cameras” or “toys of the rich”; those UAVs, aka unmanned aerial vehicles are the power of the new generation economy, supposedly worth $63.6 billion by 2025. Breaking into the drone business while not easy, is still attainable.

Opportunities include selling drones to film corporations, civil engineers, and farmers, offering fast food and package delivery service or drone repair service. 

5. AI, ML, and Robots

Just like drones, AI and robots are the pillars of 21st century economy. Developing robotic creatures who could not only perform simple tasks but analyse and learn from their mistakes with Machine Learning is a foolproof path to becoming a millionaire and quite possibly a billionaire within the decade.

Silas Adekunle, British-Nigerian entrepreneur who is known for creating the world’s first intelligent gaming robot Mekamon, was named one of the top 100 ethnic leaders in technology by the Financial Times.

4. Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin may be one of hobbies that make money fast & slow

Whether you are collecting bitcoins or trading them on cryptocurrency marketplaces, we are sure you have already found it money-wise. Here are Barry Silberg, Michael Novogratz, Dan Morehead, Blyth Masters, Tyler, and Cameron Winklevoss, 5 of the world’s bitcoin millionaires, and their stories of how the cryptocurrency business works.

3. Flower arranging

Can something as simple as arranging flowers make you a side income?

Surely not if no one sees it. Simply selling the beautiful bouquets does not count. Getting a kick-off flower arranging, you could easily pass as a floral designer charging for anniversary or wedding projects. Getting the business permit ready, you could organize your floral design business working from home, or set up a physical floristry shop.

Keep in mind, even though a flower business does not require much seed money,  not everyone is lucky to profit.

Not many people make much money because it doesn’t get big enough or it isn’t run wellPaul Goodman

Paul Goodman is a president of Floral Finance Business Services in Jenks, Oklahoma. 

2. Bodybuilding

Long ago bodybuilding was thought a waste of time in the very least and strange unhealthy addiction in the most.

Today it’s not a secret that dashing bodybuilding athletes are starred in Hollywood blockbusters, called for commercials, and market and sell their courses and books. Of course, media helps land a sponsorship, or win a competition. But it’s not the muscles that make money; it’s a strong will. 

Thanks to the athletic physique, bodybuilders enjoying their hobby that make money and work as bodyguards or fitness instructors, making from $20 to $50 per hour depending on their location.

1. DIY and Crafts

DIY items for sale common among hobbies to make extra cash

Beaded necklaces, amazing Easter basket ideas, homemade toy boxes, and so much more than a skillful artisan can bring to the market. If interested in how to set up your first Shopify store or open an Etsy shop for your handmade goods read the in-depth Shopify vs. Etsy review.

Another idea to put into practice is a YouTube channel. The success of 5-minute crafts, DIY Perks, and other million-subscriber channels, proves there is always the need for original thinkers and problem solvers.

In a Nutshell

Nearly all hobbies could bring a fortune to their enthusiasts by becoming into hobbies that can make money. While some of them like driving or yoga have a rather narrow application, others like programming and coding, freelance writing, foreign languages, or AI and robotics have a much wider application leaving plenty of chances to run a successful six-figure business. 

It is best if we wrap everything up with Lee Trevino’s famous quote:

Golf isn’t just my business, it’s one of my money making hobbies.

What’s the take? Everything you do, if you really like it, would sooner or later make you successful. And money is just a part of a game.

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