Part Time Jobs To Make Money

Having a job while at college is a surefire way to avoid a huge pile of student debt. Thus, easy part time jobs apart from your main job are the surest way to pay off those loans, to be able to go out more often or to simply upgrade your lifestyle. 

While it might seem like a lot to have two jobs or more, we are not talking about getting a serious job. Okay, confession, we are however, those are meant to be part-time jobs which are so easy that you can mix it up with any other activity.

So, in this article let us uncover some of the best and easiest ways you can make extra cash.


This one comes right up the valley if you are a student, especially a good one. Because tutoring is one of the fields that are most enjoyable and easily doable. All you need is a bit of knowledge in one subject or another. 

In fact, you do not even need any knowledge if you are willing to teach English to foreigners. Well, of course knowing your grammar and studying a bit of it comes with the job. It is not a requirement to start if you are a native.

Have you ever seen the episode of Key and Peele where Key is the substitute teacher and calls students by their proper names? Then thought to yourself how it would be like if I were a substitute teacher? Well, you can make it happen. 

The requirements to become a substitute teacher varies from state to state, from country to country. However, in the US, some of the schools do not even require anything. If you need to know more you can go ahead and read about becoming a substitute teacher here.

How to become a teacher to make extra cash?

Talking about no skills required, you could become a daycare teacher if you like being surrounded by adorable toddlers or kids. Becoming a daycare teacher could be both fun and entertaining work, which you can turn into a full-time job. 

However, if you are a student not only becoming a daycare teacher, but a teaching assistant could be something to consider.

There are two sides to becoming an assistant teacher. This works when you actively look out for your favorite teacher and ask if they need some replacement or time off for themselves.

You could also become a testing preparatory teacher. For that you need no qualifications or skills, but surely the knowledge. You could help high school students with their SATs, ACTs, etc. First, you will have to be good at those tests yourself. 

You could be teaching languages if you happen to know other languages like French or Spanish. French works well if you are in Canada, while Spanish comes in handy in the Southern US. Although there already are a lot of people who speak Spanish. Not all are ready to tutor and spend their time on that. So, it is a good gig regardless if you are a student or someone with a full-time day job.

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Catering Service

Bartender serving the drink

This one is perfect whether you are a student or someone with a day job because there are many aspects of the business where you will work during the evening or night times, for example, bartending.

You need some skills to work in the bar, but it is not rocket science where you will need to spend years and years to acquire it.  It is possible to acquire those skills during your work shifts. It is important to be honest though if you have never worked before, explicitly saying you have not and need some experience. 

Many bars and clubs, so many other places that are ready to hire people with no experience, so having none should not be a problem. In case if you run into some blocks though, you can always apply for other positions.

It would be a sin to write an article about hustling without mentioning waiting tables which is like the most classic example of a side gig. While there are so many people who take this gig seriously and make a living off it.

You could still chip in for the part-time when you can, just make sure you are able to balance the tray with the food on top. It is no easy task dare we say. It also is the most stressful of all the examples above, as there are so many irritating people that will be coming your way. but hey, it is a sound practice on your self-control and emotional intelligence.

Freelance Services

Freelancer doing market research

This category itself could be so large as to write a whole article on it. So, we will go over it as neatly and quickly as possible.

When you hear the word freelance, what comes to your mind? Probably someone working from the confines of his home working on less important parts of a project that entrepreneurs barely trusted to give.  However, freelancers have become so important and so widely accessible that the category of job they do is nearly unlimited these days.

You could be helping businesses from data collection to entry to writing some articles if you are good at writing.

If you are good at editing, then there are tons of gigs out there from YouTuber to local businesses needing editing with their projects. 

Honestly, the category is so big that it will be even possible to mention it all. But just to name a few: Websites, IT, Software, Programming, Writing, Design, Media, Data entry, Admin, Sales and Marketing, Amazon, Translations, Languages, Tutoring, etc. 

You just have to pick the one area you are good at and work on that. If you are wondering how will you ever be able to find a job. Let us drop some of the sites where you can find gigs as a freelancer.

These are some of the popular sites that help you make extra cash. You could even work on making your own freelance empire if you are serious. 

For example, start posting on one of these sites and once you increase the number of clients you work with, you can create your own website where you start dealing with clients.

When you will have more clients and requests than you can handle you can hire more freelancers to help you with that.

Then slowing managing your freelancers with your requests.  Boom, an excellent business idea for you right there, just go and start doing it. 😉

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Uber driver greeting the passenger

When we say driving the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind is Uber or Lyft, and that is what we meant by that too.   Because it is a good gig, you can arrange your own schedule and time.

It is good for anyone who does not mind hustling a little bit more during the weekends or a few hours after work.   It is a good part-time work especially if you are looking to meet a lot of people, and learn the city.  You can also do it while you’re driving to work which is why you do not necessarily have to do it outside your working time.

Apart from driving for Uber or Lyft, you can do delivery jobs. They are easy to find, you just have to apply to be hired, it might not seem like the kind of job one dreams of having but at least it will be bringing you some extra cash when you need it.

Driving Valet must be the best one among all the driving jobs. Of course, it could get a bit stressful when working for a 5-star hotel or high-end restaurants. But it will be paying you well especially compared to delivering pizzas.

This gig fits almost all schedules since most hotels and restaurants have guests during the evening times. You getting to drive fancy cars must be the coolest aspect of this particular job.

It is also the easiest, as long as you don’t take those fancy cars on a joy ride.  This is literally parking the car multiple times. It is best if you actually want to practice parking and learn to do it well.

Fitness Coaching

Part-time fitness instructor giving yoga class

Being a fitness instructor does require a lot of skills and hard work. But the schedule and the pay is so great that we decided to include it. Let us be honest, there is no personal trainer that works from 9 to 5. So even when your occupation is full-time related to fitness, it’s like a part-time job.

A personal trainer is the first work that is related to fitness and is something that can be done on a part-time basis. it not only pays well but also is so fulfilling. Because you get to help people change their lives and health for the better. That is if you get to be able to do it.

A fitness instructor is similar but a bit different. Because you just help people turn their working out time into actual work. This is good if you are also into fitness and bodybuilding. You will have almost like a full day working session for yourself while helping others do it.

Don’t be so discouraged yet, you can do this on a part-time basis. you could manage your time so well, that you go to the gym to work and call a few other guys who are paying you to instruct and work out with them.  So it’s like the universe is paying you to be in better shape.

Lastly, if you don’t want to visit the gym outside of the time you are working out.  But I still would like to make some extra cash in your free time. Then you could try lifeguarding.

This job although requires certification and training, does have a free schedule and good pay. The job ranges from occasional parties to guarding pools to anything in between.

This is the best gig to fill in the time for your hustles if you want to make something happen.

Babysitting /Pet Sitting

Part-time babysitter reading with kid

When we write sitting it is not idle sitting because you have nothing else to do. This job is either babysitting or pet sitting together with walking the dogs. Because of course walking the dog is the same thing as pet sitting.

This works great whether you are a student or not, whether you have a lot of time or not. It just works with people who have extra time and willing to spend that time helping others.

Babysitting might not be the best work for you if you are over 40 or something, but you still can do it if you want and if you like kids. But the good thing about this is its schedule and flexibility of working time. In fact, flexibility and easiness is one thing that they all have in common that is the reason we have selected those jobs to help increase your income

Walking dogs is the easiest of the part-time jobs ever. It is literally walking with dogs for some time, it could not have been easier than that.

If you would like to show some kindness and take a part-time job to do just that, you could try your hands-on caregiver position. This one works well for anyone who wants to make the world a better place by showing some kindness to the elderly, or people with some disabilities. Of course, this also has flexible timing to be able to mix it up with anything you want.

Social Media Marketing /Blogging

Social media manager making weekly posting plan

Now we thought long and hard about writing things like, open a YouTube account or work on your Instagram, or start a blog. Although, these all seem like a legit option which they are. It has become too obvious and cliché to straight-up going for that advice. 

If you are interested in finding out how much influencers earn, have a look at this article that explains all in detail with the right combination of statistics, words, and pictures to make the read easier, more entertaining. 

We still do recommend you do all that, because of the great potential it has. However, we are not going to go deep into that since the nature of this article is a bit different.

Nevertheless, start a blog, start YouTube, and other social media outlets, work on your content, and stuff like that. After all,  they can grow from a part-time passion project to full-time jobs.

In conclusion

Working in different jobs simultaneously could be the seed to grow your financial condition to the financial freedom everyone dreams about.

 Especially when you are young, you just must try something in your free time. It is also important to have some rest and socialize and stuff.

 Just keep in mind having a bit of extra income for a few hours put into any of these projects could be the next big move that saves you from a big lifetime of crisis.