Free Mobile Apps To Make Money

Free Mobile Apps To Make Money Fast [2020 Update]

Are you spending 223 minutes watching videos, playing mobile games, shopping, and browsing the internet? According to recent data on smartphone use you do. Now, you might be thinking what a smartphone use has to do with apps to make money fast, right?

That is a lot of time wasted, and we have a better alternative for you.  What if you spend half of that time using the apps that are paying for all your daily searches, views, and purchases? 

In this article, we will go over some of the mobile apps to make money fast. 

But we also have 21 Apps to Make Money Watching Videos for you to check out (Swagbucks alternatives).


Swagbucks is one of the best known apps to make money fast

Of course, it is not possible to talk about making money on mobile without talking about Swagbucks. Now we know that this is probably the most popular and the one you have heard before from a friend or a YouTube video. 

However, it is still worth mentioning because it is a legit app that lets you earn money. Of course, you are probably not going to be able to replace your full-time job with it, but at least you will be able to cover your coffee or gas for some time. 

There are multiple ways to make money with Swagbucks.

  1. You can take surveys.
  2. You can watch videos.
  3. You can play games.
  4. You can search the web.
  5. Last but not least, you can also earn by shopping online at their designated sites thus partners.

You earn SB points through all these methods which you can directly exchange into real dollars.  And have it transferred to your PayPal account in USD.

Each Swagbucks is worth $0. 1, so 100 SB is $1.

There is a $10 signup fee for beginners by the way.  One downside is that it is not quite available in every country. 

it is available in all of the English speaking countries plus Germany. 


Rakuten offers cash back and $10 welcome bonus

We are sure that you have heard about Ebates before. Well if you have not, it is a pity you will never hear, since it became Rakuten. 

So, it used to be on the desktop only, but now it has a mobile application.

To make money with this app,  you have to do is to shop at the stores that are affiliated with them online or even in person. You will be getting a certain percentage as a cashback to your account. 

it is convenient since you still have to buy food, clothes and hygiene items. Why not buy them at those stores and get some of it as a cashback, since you still have to buy. 

They also have lots of discounts or rewards on holidays, the cashback can go up to 12% that is a lot considering you were still going to buy those. 

This app also offers $10 sign up bonus for users.  Why not get that $10 bucks? 


Dosh explaining why get Dosh cash back

Another one of these smartphone apps, that help you make extra cash is Dosh. The idea is the same here, you shop at the participating stores and get cashback for it. 

There is a small difference with dosh. You have to connect your credit card to this app, which is totally safe by the way. 

✔ You get cashback if you use the credit card you linked to the Dosh account.  Regardless of size and amount you get  5% cashback on all purchases. 

One the one side it is quite convenient for you to don’t have to go through step after step to have that cashback. 

On the other hand, it is simple. Sometimes you might not even realize how quickly you have earned cashback which is directly added to your dosh wallet automatically and as soon as you purchase. 

You are able to retrieve the money once you reach $25 either via PayPal or straight back to your credit card.


Honey app shows the savings from purchase

Honey is not quite an app, but still, something that could save you up hundreds of dollars. 

This is a browser extension that you can install with just two clicks. Every time you go shopping online, it will show you the available discounts, promotions etc.

The way it works is when you load a page, like Amazon for example. It searched for coupons and codes all over the site. Then it shows you those items which are found to have coupon codes available. 

Not only now you don’t have to collect coupons, but also ever have to look for one. Because honey is right there at your fingertips and ready to earn you some cash. 

Now enough about apps that save you money.


Acorns partners with grocery brands to help you invest

Let us move to the one that will truly make money which is Acorns. 

How much you can make with this app varies depending on the expense ratio and return rate of the investment which by the way fluctuates ever so often themselves according to market. So, there is no exact amount but on average it comes to about 7.5%

If you have never learned how to invest or never had the chance then it is time to grab you some acorns. This app is amazing at investing the change you might have forgotten about. 

Example: you bought a coffee and paid $4.49. What Acorns do is to invest the other $0.51.

It is simple to use the app. you just have to download the app and answer a few questions and choose your risk tolerance. 

Acorns will recommend you a profile that you will feel comfortable in, then you will have to pay from $1 to $3 depending on what you choose.  


Mobee is one of the interesting apps to make money fast

Have you ever seen a secret shopper? Well, if you have not then-secret shoppers becoming even more secret. And you also have the chance to see one now, by becoming one. 

With this app Mobee, you will have different tasks to complete for example taking pictures of a certain store, or answering questions about the store. 

Not only will the stores you will be tasked to go vary but also the tasks themselves.

You will not have to buy anything, because you will be there only to complete your task most of which do not require the purchase of goods.  

However,  your purchase is not refunded if you purchase something. You just get more points. In fact, you can read more about the requirements and other questions here. 

Download the app and register as a secret shopper and browse for tasks in your area, once you find one you just have to go out and complete them. You cannot earn money, but you will earn gift cards for various websites, including Amazon.

Worthy Bonds

Worthy Bonds offering 5% annual returns

This is a unique app when it comes to making money with apps because it is actually centered around making money. 

Here you buy bonds with the fixed rate of return of 5%, while the cost of the bond is $10. 

You can buy as many bonds if you want, although the bonds you buy have a 36 -month term

There is a possibility of cash out at any time. 

This is probably the best app to invest in your change, and watch it accrue more change that you can invest even further. 

Obviously, it will not make you rich any time fast, but still, if you use at least half of what is writing here, you are already going to be making hundreds of dollars per week. 


Earny promises money back on every purchase made

Has it ever happened that you want to purchase something but try to find out if it is having discounts or if any is to arrive soon?  Or have you ever tried to get a refund on the difference of the item you bought after it went on sale? It is such a hassle and pain to go through a process like that right.

It is time to stop, with the Earny app, all you have to do is to download and use it to help you find those items that are on sale, or are about to go on sale.

Not only that, if you bought the item you are entitled to the difference, but this time, you can let the Earny handle all that for you. 

Note sometimes there might be a call or form that needs to be filled before you are approved, all of which are for your own good. 


Ibotta is one of the cash back apps to make money fast

The logic behind this app also is that you get cash backs. It though prolongs the chain even further up to grocery brands. Yep, you could be buying those essentials to your life and still getting some cash back on that. 

To make the deal even more appealing they also have a $10 signup bonus.

✔ For every invite, you will get $5 if they download and sign up.  Every single person signing up will get $10 and you will be getting half of it.

Your earnings are unlimited, so you could be helping hundreds to thousands of your friends and still be swimming in cash. 

Now let us talk a little about the apps that will make you money without you even putting any effort into it.


Sweatcoin app pays to walk

This one is probably the best when it comes to making money without breaking a sweat. Well, you might have to, just a bit though.

So, you have to download this app and let it run in the background of your mobile device. 

It will count your steps and will give you sweatcoins which you can exchange into gift cards. 

However, it is more than simple to make money. Especially if you are the type of person who is into fitness or walk a lot, just download the app and keep it running.

There is also $5 worth of sweatcoin signup bonus. It could not get any easier than that.


Nielsen pays for watching videos and rantings TV

Have you ever heard about those apps that pay you to do some surveys or watch videos and or leave ratings? 

If yes, then you already are familiar with the concept of this app. 

You have to download the app and keep it running in the background while it collects the browsing data of yours. 

The fact is, there are countless sites and services that collect data. It is unfortunate that they are not upfront about it. 

But with Nielsen, it is all clear and open. They will pay you a hefty $50 to keep them on your browser for one year.

You do not even have to do anything, just download it and run it. Simple as that. 

Once the year is over, take that money and spend on anything you desire. 


Slidejoy pays for running ads on the lock screen

Have you ever considered selling your phones’ lock screen? You might be thinking about what, and who would buy it.

Well turns out there is this app that pays you to run their app on your phone with one catch. 

They will run ads. 

✔ The average amount you could make with the app is $10 per month according to this blog. However, if you are a frequent phone user, you just might make more. 

Every time you unlock your phone it plays an ad, you can skip the ad if you don’t want to watch it or let it run to earn some dough. 

You will need to engage a bit to prove you are watching it but it is nothing more complicated than clicking on the screen once or twice or perhaps swiping up.

You will still be paid have you decided to run the ad regardless of your engagement.

The payments can be either directed to your PayPal, or exchanged into gift cards. 

You can even donate it to charity, how cool is that?

In The End

While there are countless more apps and ways to make money, it is important to note that you cannot do it all together.

So, our advice is to find a few that work well together and use them to earn some extra cash. 

And we have a whole lot more ideas of Easy Part Time Jobs To Make Extra Cash, from fitness coaching to social media marketing to Uber driving. Be sure to check out:)

Although you will legitimately be earning money, you need to prioritize and do other important things if you have. 

We have made this list merely to help you earn some change along with your purchases and monetize some of the things you were going to do anyway. 

It will not compensate if you will specifically dedicate hours of your time to these apps. 

But it will be more than worth it to use these if you were going to make a purchase or browse the net. Make some change back by connecting to these apps in your free time. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go now, download them and start making money.